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Dec 6, 2014
I recently got a new chick named Rosie. Now she is one month and a half now. For my older chicken Daisy, I split her cage, so Rosie gets one forth of it. Rosie also has a bigger cage in that one. When I came home today, I found Daisy staring Rosie on the other side of the fence. I thought it was cute, then I went inside. I came back out, and found Daisy on the other side of the fence where Rosie was. Rosie was scared that she would peck, so she went in her smaller box. Since Daisy could not fit in the door, she just sat there and stared. I want them to be close like sisters, but this startled me. Is Daisy wanting to attack, or is she just curious?

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Most likely Daisy does want to chase her off. Old and new don't integrate well by just good intentions. You may think they will make sisters but, you didn't talk to Daisy about it.

Mainly you need a good partition between them for a few weeks till Daisy isn't showing hostility. You also need it to be safe from Daisy hopping the fence. Maybe you could have Rosie in a safe crate so Daisy can investigate all sides and not be able to harm her. Rosie needs her own food and water bowl. If they were together now most likely Daisy wouldn't allow her to eat, drink, or even come into coop or run.

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