New sizes for Pullet Shut Automatic Chicken Doors

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    Jun 22, 2009
    For everyone who has been asking, there is now a smaller and a larger Pullet Shut Automatic Chicken Door available!

    Our 'standard' door is still available with it's 11x15" opening. But many customers said it was still too tall (22 5/8") to fit their coop.

    To meet that need, we have shrunk the design. The new "Small" door has a 9 3/8" wide x 10 1/2" opening. We have tested this size with multiple breeds like Rhode Island Reds and Marans, as well as a big rooster for several months. None had any issues coming and going. This new size now has a total height of 17 5/8" with the control box on top. This design has been tested for months to ensure reliable operation just like the regular Pullet Shut door and is at the same price.

    And with the growing popularity of larger birds, there is now the Turkey Door. This door has over 2 years of R&D behind it. The larger size had many challenges and we were not going to sell it until it was perfect. The new design has a 'french door' design to cover the 15 3/8" wide by 20 1/2" tall opening. If your birds don't fit through here, you've got emus or ostriches! To power this larger door we offer a larger 5 watt solar panel option (small/regular doors only use a 3w panel). This larger door is $285 and customers are loving it.

    All of these are now in stock and ready to ship. We want to thank the thousands and thousands of customers we've had over the years! We've redesigned the website for easier use with more information ( And we will be adding more exciting new products in the near future.

    As always we want to take care of our customers. And we appreciate all the support and referrals we've gotten from you.

    Now for a moment of humor. I want to share my #1, favorite customer call of all time. This past year a lady calls and the first thing she tells me is that her husband bought her one of our doors a year earlier for her anniversary present. How do I respond? I said a cautious "ooo kkkk". Next she says she ALMOST divorced him (uh oh!). But she wanted to say after the year, she loves it. In fact it's the best anniversary present he has ever gotten for her. And she just wanted to call and thank us for making such a great product. She talked about sleeping in, and staying out and getting away for the weekends. Apparently the marriage is going well!

    Now guys, as a fellow 'husband', I am NOT recommending a door for your anniversary present. Don't do it. Birthday, maybe with a little jewelry? But I thought everyone would get a good chuckle from this story.

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