New Sliding Doors installed on porch...


9 Years
Feb 23, 2010
My wife is an absolute slave driver...Beast of a woman, I say.

SHE decided it wasn't too cold outside for me to work today.
Didn't ask my opinion. Matter of fact, I'm not sure she really
cared what I wanted to do today.

I was going to play couch potato.

I didn't know this wasn't a good day for potatoes...

So she bundled me up and threw me outside. I'm not sure I
like the way she's been treating me lately.

Oh well...the door is in and maybe I can set on the couch tomorrow.
(or maybe I'll just hide from my wife tomorrow)

Spook....wearing them brand new work clothes Santa brought me.
(I don't like him no more either...mad at him, I am)
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So what you do now is buy all the ingredients to your favorite, complicated meal, and have them awaiting her on the counter.
The restaurant already has all the ingredients to make
my favorite dinner.

So I should take her to dinner?

And this works how....?

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