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    Mar 19, 2015
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    On occasion I will let my four chickens out to "free range" under my watchful gaze. Head chicken has a sound I have only heard her make on these occasions- she will do it several times when they first come into the yard, sort of looking around, but doesn't waste any time diving in to the grass and scratching for bugs.
    It's a high pitched horn beep- one blast, louder than her normal chatter. It almost sounds like an old fashioned black rubber squeeze horn. Any ideas?
    Seems like it might be a sort of "I'm on the lookout" noise, but then she's certainly too busy gorging to pay much attention...
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    Hey shodack

    To be honest, I have no idea what your chicken is doing but if it helps, my chickens make some weird and wonderful noises [​IMG]

    Free range here is also supervised and come 4pm when I finish work, they are all queued up at the run door waiting to get out. I will add that one of my Silkie mix hens has been ‘crowing’ her impatience since 03:15pm.

    Anyways, I open the door and 5 of the 6 race out and start scratching, the 6th one, also a Silkie mix, runs round and round in circles flapping her wings and clucking up a storm and does so every time. I am not sure if she is excited to be out or warning any possible predators that she means business.

    I also had a Silkie who would screech like a peacock when she was having a break from sitting on her eggs. She never made that noise when she was not sitting on a hatch but when taking a break from the eggs, she would wander down the ramp and screech like a peacock.

    My hens crow, screech, natter, sing, whine and growl [​IMG]
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