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    Jun 8, 2012
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    I have made some post about a mystery "disease" that is killing my chickens. Standing around ~ isolate ~ quit eating ~ droopy tails etc. All have eventually died despite my best efforts. The 4th, a R.C.R.I R is the latest victim. I just returned from giving her some Amoxicilin. Was holding her in my lap and she started to drool a slightly cloudy liquid. I raised my knee to tip her head further down, she continued to emit a steady stream of liquid then quite a lot at one time. There was NO odor. Total amount was at least 2 Tablespoons. When I put her down she went to the water but did not drink. Just stood there looking at it. Shortly there after she went outside and into a dark place in a horse stall, hunkered down and just sat there. Mr Roo came over and pecked her on the head, she squawked and stood up but did not run away. She is 7 mo. old been on medicated feed but no vaccinations. The chickens I have lost are all from the same flock but not the same breed. 2 J.G.'s 2 Buff now R.C.R.I.R. is sick. Would have to go back and look at the papers but I am pretty sure the J.G.'s and Buff's were vac.for Merrick's. The R.C. I hatched. I am so frustrated I'm about to quit the "chicken business." Any more ideas B.Y.C. family ?
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    Have you tried treating them for coccidiosis? Being on medicated feed won't prevent or treat an outbreak and that is where I would start unless you have done so already. When I see multiple birds with similar symptoms I generally will start by treating the most common possibilities first unless symptoms very clearly point to something specific.

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