New television season


8 Years
Mar 1, 2011
Over the rainbow...
After they cancelled a lot of good shows last season the networks are throwing a lot of pasta againsst the wall to see what is going to stick. Fox is going to be doing more drama, NBC is going to add some comedy and ABC is going to try to spread the wealth and give a little bit more of everything a try. I'm really glad no one is trying to add more "reality" tv this season. For some strange reason this is about the only show that has me really intrigued and anxious to see it. I think if it doesn't work as a show (I really hope it does
) they have a good base for a new movie. What shows is everyone looking forward to this coming season?
The kids and I are looking forward to the second season of The Walking Dead. We love zombie stuff! Since we cancelled the cable last April I have no idea on any other shows.
My husband has cable because he loves all of the Discovery channels. They are good but if we had to cancel it I wouldn't be upset at all. He gets mad that I only watch FOX, ABC, NBC & CBS, he tells me I am wasting money for not watching the other 200? channels hat we have

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