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    We have two magpie ducks and they are amazing. We've had them since July of 2015 and we love them. Two things we have come across is one is limping recently which I think may be bumblefoot which I would appreciate any info on. My other concern in the black mulch that has just been put down around our house and how safe it is for them. Please give me any info possible so my ducks are safe. Joey and Pheobe would appreciate it so much[​IMG]
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    I don't think the black mulch is good for them. My ducks root around in anything mulchy, and are likely to eat some of the mulch with the slugs and bugs they may find there.

    Take a good look at the foot. If you can, please get someone to help you take a photo.

    Bumblefoot is an infection that can get away from you if you let it, and make the duck miserable, very sick, and possibly be fatal if not treated, and if the infection goes systemic.

    At the same time, if you can catch it early enough, treatment is simple and inexpensive.

    Here is what I have been suggesting -

    If it's a really mild, early case, you might just soak the foot in Epsom salt water or use an Epsom salt compress. Do not let the duck drink the solution - it is a laxative. Afterward, smear triple antibiotic without painkiller on the foot and leg. Three times a day for a few days, then twice, and always right before bedtime.

    If it's a further developed bumble, I would go with the soak and clear iodine treatment. Clear iodine - not brown.

    See Post 22 here

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