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I'm new to all things having to do with chickens. I'm still not sure who came first, the egg or the chicken.....

THANKFULLY, I have not gotten my chicks before my coop. I have been reading alot of the threads on BYC and appreciate all the opinions, views and knowledge everyone shares. I didn't even know what a "poop board" was until about an hour ago....OMGoodness !!!!

I have the plans for my coop in my head, I just need to map them out so my husband will be on the same page (sometimes that takes a while because he sees 6 and I see 1/2 a dozen)....oh well...we'll figure it out.

I have been reading Raising Chickens, so I am learning. Wish me luck ya'll !!!! Thanks.


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Jan 4, 2012
Actually got my chickens before the coop and kept them in the house in a big doggy play
Yes its kept very clean....!! =) And we have gotten to know our chickens personalities very well..!
Just last week hubby built a hugh chicken tractor ...
And now we are building the coop....(getting supplies this weekend)...
Thing is if I hadn't gotten the chicks, there would probably be no
We always say we are going to do something and then don't get around to
doing it... but this gets done... =)
Good luck to you on your new chicks when you get them..!


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May 23, 2012
haha - I am right there with you, being new to chickens and all...
and I am sorry to say, I don't know what a poop board?? is yet.

I think I need to jump on that recommended reading!


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One thing I learned real quick was if I had a question about anything go to the home page and find the "search" box, type in your question as best you can and you will probably find more answers than you ever

Coop Update - I asked around tonight at my quilting meeting about scrap lumber to build my coop and wouldn't you know one of the ladies there has a pile to get rid of and thinks there is enough for my coop and is donating to me.....Praise the all I need is the fencing and to get the hubby on board and I can get it up in one weekend, right ? HAHAHA......that's what DIY network always's a weekend project, uh huh....sure.

Chicken Update - There is a group on Facebook with a page for Chicken Swap'n and Buy'n, so I just need to figure out what kinda hens to get and go pick up the girls. I'm thinking one RIR because I've heard they are good layers but I haven't researched Orpingtons (Black or Lavender) enough to know what they can do. They are selling for $ 5 a chick or $ 8 a layer. Will keep you updated.

Thanks everyone for the greetings !!!

Egg filled days must be ahead !

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