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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by craftychick62, Sep 27, 2015.

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    Sep 27, 2015
    [​IMG]First off I do not have any chickens at this time, I want to learn all I can because I want to have happy and healthy chickens . I don't want to just jump into it and have a great loss in birds.
    So first off I am 53 , just bought my own home with some property and would love to have something to keep me going plus I love to have my own meat , eggs. I'm having my coop built for me and I am thinking of having one part for eggs A.K.A. babies on there way , a place for there food and a , place for them to lay,rest and play and get some sunshine. The size I'm thinking of to start is around 12 x 16 or 12 x 20 . At this time I am not doing to well as I had a grastric by-pass a few years ago and I lost way to much weight like 175 lbs. and I should have only lost around 130lbs. I am now down to 95 lbs and am going to have my by-pass redone as in putting my own belly back to the way it was to help me gain weight and get healthier. I am having a pic line put in until surgery because of my protein levels are bottoming out. I have been married for 18 yrs and life has not been the best but is getting better. I love any type of crafts , gardening & motorcycle riding . Yes I do drink protein drinks . We have 3 kids together and 7 grandchildren , I want to do as much reading on chicken houses,nesting,food , vitamains, incubation, sicknesses, the whole nine yards. I have a nice sized garden but it doesn't keep me as busy as I would like but I'm planning to double it for the chickens . I will take all the feed back I can get and I'm totally willing to listen to you I just need some down home people that have the same thinking as I do and want to enjoy my chickens. I know some people think I should have waited until I got chickens before joining but to me this is the site to learn from. I did tons of reading before joining and fell in love with this site . If there our other sites you all think I need to check out let me know. Sorry for running on but theres a lot going on in my life , to much. hugs to all and thank you for welcoming me to your group.
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    Welcome to the coop! [​IMG] You are one smart chick - always research before you buy, it saves a ton of grief down the road!
    My 2 'go to' books - both by Gail Damerow - Storeys guide to raising chickens & The chicken health handbook. Worth their weight in gold, see if your library has them. Good reading for post surgery (good luck btw).
    What sort of chickens are you going to get? You mentioned meat and eggs?.
    Going to pm you,
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    Welcome to the BYC flock! We are glad you joined us!

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    Welcome to BYC! I'm glad you joined us! :)
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    Defiantly speak to someone in your local area about what issues they have with dogs, foxes, birds of prey etc. it's very important to guard from these guys. I have lost a few even feral cats.....
    My chicken area is chicken wire, dog fencing, taught flush with ground wire, electric fence on the side my dogs are on, I have one who was jumping up and scaring my babies. Then the run and the coop. Phew.

    Make sure u get chicks or birds that are vaccinated. I have lost some to some sad diseases, when my shops supplier had not vaccinated his chicks.
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    [​IMG] It's very nice to be here , and just from what I have read I am learning tons already. You peps are the bomb. Thanks for all the welcomes and if you have any questions about me or anything put it to me and I'll do my best at answering anything. I'm so glad I have joined this group because you all seem to be right up front and game to answering anything I ask . I am so glad I joined to gain some in site into this chicken coops , raising chickens and dealing with all the headaches some could have. I know I have gotten some not to good info from the streets and you all have giving me the low down on the things to do right . Thanks and hope to be kickin it for along time. As you all know I do not have any chickens as of yet I thought I would get all the info I could and learn from you all before starting my own coop and tribe of chicks lol. I am going to start in the spring getting my chicks and if you all can help out give me a yell I am willing to listen to all. I am thinking of a 12x20 coop to start off with and getting some laying & some meat chicken. I would like to try out getting a roaster to try and have my own babies but I am going to get some first to lay them and from what I have been told that if you don't raise the roaster yourself he might be a pain so was told once he has done his job put him in the cook pot lol. The reason for that I was told is he might not be the nicest because I didn't raise him myself . I am so geeked to get things set up for my crew this spring. If I say anything wrong or you think I got bad advice just jump in and give me all the help you want to. I am not sure how many I am thinking of right now but if you all want to chime in let me know . I have some peps I am thinking of going to its called the cluck & coop I think here in Michigan I here they have some very good ones and great for starting . Or do you all think I should order them or what? What I would like to do as I stated is get some to lay and get problems some babies and one roaster. Than have some babies I can call my very own. I'm not to sure how to go about all of this so give me a shout out and let me know what you all are thinking. I would like to have eggs the first year so that's why I am thinking of getting some bigger one's an some babies. I'm all ears and if I don't get right back with you all is I have some medical problems but I am willing to put in the time and work it takes to have my own meat and eggs. Thanks to all . See you on the flip side. hugs The Craftychick62 Sorry for going on and on
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    The best place to start is the Learning Center, it is filled with helpful articles covering all sorts of poultry topics:

    The other members in MI could be a good source for you to ask questions on your specific area needs (weather, breeders, predators, etc.):

    And in addition to all the chicken chat, there are forums for other interests you have:

    Good luck to you and good for you on learning all you can before you jump in!

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