New to Back yard chicken.


8 Years
May 21, 2011
Hi everyone. I have two hens. One is a Americana (4 months old) and the other is a blue Andalusian (5 months old)
We are still waiting for the Americana to lay but the blue Andalusian lays every day or every other day.
The blue is so sweet. When I check on them every night, she runs full speed to greet me and squats down for a pet.
I then have to tuck her in the coop. We live in the suburbs and have adapted nicely.

I have no doubt you will learn a lot here! Just remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.
Welcome aboard. I've been here for awhile, just not posting very often. I'll introduce our well mixed flock of hens, 2 Buff Orpingtons named Peaches and Goldie; 4 Barred Plymouth Rocks named Cookie, Putt-putt, Oreo and Rockie, a Gold-Laced Wyandotte named Tammy (after Ms Wynette); an Americauna named Gertie; 2 Isa Browns named Lisa and (a loudmouth) Stevie (my wife Kim is an avid Aerosmith fan); a RI Red named Patsy Ann; 3 Buckeyes named Big Mama, DeeDee and Jenny. We have a really cool Buckeye rooster named Charlie (Brown). We are trying to raise Buckeyes, but this in first batch of eggs none of the 6 buckeye eggs developed while 4 crossbreeds did hatch and are in the brooder. No names yet for them.
hi! i am hopeful i'll end up with a sweet lady like yours! you said the blue is laying already? when did she start? what are you feeding her? how big are the eggs? Mine are still chicks so this is all new to me too! im excited to hear what i can look forward to!

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