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kam Crazy 4 Chicks

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10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
evansville, In
i am in 2 grade. and i love chickens i have a baby chicken named pablo i am going to be in 4 h this year i got lots of chicken questions. i like to swim and play with my chickens.i took the record in spelling for1st grade i won all spelling bees for first grade i have a ragdoll her name is frankie she is 2 years old i have a german sherperd he is 1 year old i have a sister she is almost 14. my mom is old. my dad is old.
Hi, I'm glad to see someone so young liking chickens & in 4-H. I think that you will really enjoy 4-H. I have two dogs whom I love very much. I am also OLDDDDDD!
Hope you like this site as much as I do.

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