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    May 2, 2017
    Hello My name is Amanda I am new to this site. I live in the Hudson Valley and have 2 muscovy ducks named jake and daisy. I also have mallards and geese that come to stay at my pond all day and I feed them two, its like duck manor over here! I never really meant to own ducks it is something that just happened. we have a stream in back of our property and last may suddenly at the pond with the few mallards that were coming (now its like 30 of them lol) was this strange looking waterfowl that I had NEVER seen. so i went down with some birdseed and crackers (they dont get crackers anymore lol) and this fella was a bit too domesticated to be a wild bird. so when I did research I found out this was indeed a muscovy duck. I named him jake and began to work on getting him to trust me completely. well very soon after he would come walking up to the house looking for me, he would fly back to the pond and follow me lol. so needless to say I knew I might have a fugitive on my hands buit his owners never turned up. so my husband being a carpenter began in the fall to build jake a pen as we were concerned if he would survive the winter. Jake would stay at the pond all night on a rock which I felt bad about and would go check on him at night. well as winter approached the pond froze and jake walked to the stream and went upstream. chris continued to build the pen and finished it in December. my neighbor and I had quickly tried to look for him but nothing. well i prayed because all that mattered is that the Lord knew where jake was and on Christmas Day 2016 we got a miracle. My neighbor and I decided to go looking for him like full on search, we searched the big pond up the broad where there was a siting of him but he was not there so my neighbor says to me we should walk up and down the road checking the stream below, well sure enough there was Jake!! He had thinned out a bit and when I called him as I was going down the embankment jake jumped in the water and raced toward me. I had brought a bit of food so I fed him first and was petting him, he was wagging his tail. well then this was our chance so I picked him up, he went with very little fight, and he sat on my lap in my neighbors car going home lol. so jake got a home on Christmas and my neighbor and I went and got him a girlfriends who I name daisy. who actually laid her first egg this morning! go daisy! I actually have had some issues with wing bleeding with daisy, if anyone has experienced this please let me know. so yes I am a duck owner and mommy now and I enjoy them a lot, ducks are really cool I have come to learn

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