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    Jul 28, 2015
    Archdale, NC
    I'm brand new to black sumatras, yesterday a man offered me a pair of black sumatras if I promised to keep the bloodline in order and help conserve the breed. I was SO HAPPY, I had looked for Black Sumatras but could y find any for sale on Crjagslist. The way I plan to conserve the bloodline is every two generations of chicks, replace with a new rooster, probobly from him. Is that a good plan? I also plan on selling some of the hens once my flock grows, what is the ussual market price? What reasonable? Nobody near me sells Black Sumatras and the man I got them from said he doesn't sell, and said he doesn't care if I do. Should I register my flock (once established)? And if I should registerer my flock, with who? There is so many different places to register. Will it give me any benefit to atract buyers?

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