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    ok so i acquired 17 old english game hens and a few roosters well the roosters are GETTING it on out there with those hens and the guy i got them from told me that they are great mothers go broody all the time and hatch eggs like crazy there young just started laying so I want to know everything I know that hens are broody when they wont leave the nesting box but i want to know EVERYTHING IM WILLING TO LEARN TEACH ME [​IMG] lmao
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    You may get better responses in the Raising Baby Chicks forum. My OEG's are not broody yet, but they are young and just starting to lay. A broody will start to poof up when people or other birds approach her, then she will start to gather eggs in whatever way she can. Kicking, carrying, rolling, etc., to the place she has chosen to brood.
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