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Ednas Keeper

8 Years
Aug 21, 2011
We are new to the chicken keeping as of this year. We have had parrots for years but had to get out of it after our baby now toddler came along. I missed my birds and was researching chickens in the back yard and man let me tell you they are SOOO much better then parrots!

We have 4 girls and considering a rooster and live in a town in an urban area under Mt. Ranier in the PNW
We have 1 Barred Rock- Edna, 1 Blue Langshun- Ellouise, 1 Gold Laced Wyandotte- Edaleen, and 1 Sagitta- Ethel

We love our chickens and excited to learn more from y'all

Edna's Keeper

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