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Nov 14, 2012
Hi, I'm new to BYC. I have looking into raising chickens for a couple of years, and am looking for a breeder in the area of Essex county in Massachusetts. I am thining of getting 3 chickens (possibly just starting out with one next spring) that are good layers of brown eggs. I have children and neighbors, so I'd like them to be calm. I also want to make sure I find a vet for them should any problems arise. Any suggestions/ tips would be appreciated. Thanks :)
Easter Eggers are very calm and friendly. You can tell if they're Easter Eggers as chicks because they will have a chipmunk pattern on them. Your kids may enjoy looking for green and blue eggs because EEs lay green and blue eggs (hence the name).
Greetings from Kansas, danib, and
! Great to have you here! You will get lots of suggestions from people regarding calm breeds that lay brown eggs. My two cents...I really like Red Stars and Black Stars for both their calm temperament as well as egg production. One bit of mentioned maybe just starting with one chicken. Chickens are very social and don't do well as loners so you might consider starting out with at least a pair of birds. Good luck to you!
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I was actually looking at Red Stars! It's hard to pick one because one person says a breed is quiet and friendly, then another person disagrees. I hadn't thought of them needing a friend. I definitely won't buy just one, then. I was just nervous because I've never done it before. But that definitely makes sense. Thank you :)
I was thinking more of a brown egg, because my family may get spooked by a blue egg. Lol But thank you I appreciate your suggestion :)

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