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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by 00 Turok, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. 00 Turok

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    Mar 10, 2012
    Nacogdoches, Tx
    Hi all. Discovered this website after googleing (chicken's life span), so I thought I'd join since I got drafted into raising chickens.

    It all started when I found 4 newly hatched peeps on the road back home after work; 4 yellow fuz balls scamping along the shoulder. I stopped to check it out & it was just the 4 baby chickens, no mama, no nest, no eggs, no near by house; just 4 yellow fuzzy peeps... peeping. 2 of them immeadiately rushed toward me & tried to fly into my face when I knelt down. How could I say no. [​IMG]

    So I put them in a box, went & bought some chick starter food & took them home. I put some paper in a plastic tub, a towel at one end, a small bowl of filtered water & chick food at the other. I set up a heater with a tray of water in front so the air wont get too dry. &... they went to pecking away at the food & pooping every where. 1 had a hurt foot though. The middle toe was discolored. I think it may have been an internal break.

    The next day, after work, I checked on them & found 1 dead, the 2 that rushed at me when I found them almost doubled in size, & the 1 with the hurt foot wasn't walking around at all or eating. [​IMG] I got it to drink some water & eat some chick food I wetted down into a paste, but it look like it wasn't going to make it. It's hurt toe looked worse. I snuggled the little chick until the end.

    Now it's 7 days since I found them & the 2 surviving, indescriminant poopers, have trippled in size & are starting to grow genuine feathers. Very energetic little things. It looks like they'll be all white chickens. I've been keeping the room they are in at about 85 + degrees & everything seems A ok with these 2. So I guess I'll start building a fenced in coop for them in the back yard.

    Goofy little birds. I feed, water, & hold them every day; yet every day goes like this.

    Me: Walks in, looks at birds.
    Birds: Looks at me curiously
    Me: Reach hand in to grab birds so I can clean coop & water.
    Birds: Run around like they are being chased by a fox.
    Me: Clean coop & change water... Hold & pet birds before putting them back in clean coop.
    Birds: Looks at me curiously... again
    Me: Sprinkles chick feed on coop floor.
    Birds: Looks at me curiously some more... then proceeds to pecking at the food.
    Me: Reached hand in to pet birdies... "cute little peeps" [​IMG]
    Birds: Run around like they are being chased by a fox.
    Me: [​IMG] then leaves room... sits down to watch some TV
    Birds: Peeping up a storm as loud as they can.
    Me: Walks back in room, looks at birds
    Birds: Looks at me curiously... then proceeds to pecking at the food again
    Me: [​IMG] because they peep for me when I leave, after running away from me like I was a fox.

    My new daily routine.
  2. ragerkid2

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    Apr 16, 2011
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    What a great story!!! One thing tho is at the rate of growth your talking about, they sound like meat birds..
  3. 00 Turok

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    Mar 10, 2012
    Nacogdoches, Tx
    I think they are. I don't plant on eating them though. So they can call themselves LUCKY. I'm more of a beef & pork guy anyway.

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