New to chicken-coopdom...questions about egglaying!

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by bubra007, May 5, 2009.

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    May 5, 2009
    Hello! I have recently gotten into chicken keeping and love it! Five of my nine chickens are of the egg laying age (approx 10 months old)....I got these five last Saturday and have so far only received 5 eggs from them. There were 2 eggs Sunday morning, 2 Monday, and only 1 today. Is there any way I can tell which egg came from what chicken? Is this abnormal? I thought I would have at least an egg a day from each chicken. 2 are rock barred, 2 are buff orpington, and one is a RIR....I thought these were all good egg laying breeds. Thank you!!!

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    They may be a little stressed from the move. It's hard to tell sometimes. I have an EE that lays everyday for a couple weeks then nothing for weeks. As far as telling which hen is laying, I think you would need to seperate them, or watch all the time to catch them.Good Luck.

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    We looked up the eggs in the catalog from the company we ordered the hens from (Meyer Hatchery, OH). The GB lays large-sized medium-colored brown eggs and the SLW lays medium-sized pale pink-brown eggs, in our case. That's how we figured it out, but obviously this will not work in some situations. You could look perhaps and see which breed lays what color/size eggs.
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    Chickens stress pretty easily. Any changes in their lives can throw off their laying habits. Be patient I'm sure they will pick up the speed after awhile. It could be a month or more. Chickens are creatures of habit and like routine.

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