New to chicken raising! 🐔


Oct 17, 2021
Hey everyone! I am a nearly 31yr old mom of 4 in Northern Idaho. My childhood I always had family and friends with poultry and livestock (it's normal here) but because I loved in apartments my youth and most of my young adulthood I never had a chance to try.

My kids are 9.5, 8, 6, and 3. My inlaws have about 15 chickens and 1 rooster silkie (he is ALL white and sooo fluffy!). They haven't had the best luck with hens brooding long enough to hatch babies and I have decided to take on a few fertilized eggs and try to raise them from egg to chick with an incubator and if I am successful we will start our own flock here on our own by spring!

I love reading through these forums and learning from ol' pros. Thanks for having me! Picture of my kiddos at the pumpkin patch last weekend.


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