New to chicken raising! 🐔


Oct 17, 2021
Hello and welcome to BYC! :frow Glad you joined.
Super cute picture!
What will you do with the extra cockerels from the hatch?
Well from my self taught education I've been working on from this amazing site and readings I know that the chick's will need to live indoor for the first 3-4mo... my husband will have time to build us a good chicken run and coop by then out back, and in the meantime they'll be in a brooder pen indoors. So far the plan is the heated garage so we keep them safe from the elements and predators. But we have not found a pen/coop style yet.

Eventually we plan to do some 4-H with the kids in the spring through summer so we will be learning to care for them as a family before they each get their own chick to raise (with our help) for their "Family Flock" project where they are supposed to raise and care for a chicken for a minimum of 90 days and do a presentation on what they learned.

And ultimately we cannot wait for them to begin laying in the spring/summer. We are a family of 6 who loves our eggs. We get a lot from my inlaws but having our own will help, too! 😊

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