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New to Chickening :-)

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by venusiagardens, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. venusiagardens

    venusiagardens Hatching

    Jul 20, 2010
    Hello all,

    I am Veronica of Venusiagardens Organic Gardening. I live in Decatur, GA, just outside of Atlanta. I had five baby chicks and only have one now as four of our five babies were killed by either a coon or possum.

    I have questions about having Enid (our fawn colored girl) as a housepet as I don't have the money to buy her the right coop, or any coop for that matter. I have teacher certification in Language Arts and School counseling (just graduated in December) and cannot find a job :-(

    I would like to meet others who are new to owning chickens or anyone willing to lend a listening ear and answer questions.

    Thank you,

    Have a Light and Love filled day!


  2. ChooksChick

    ChooksChick BeakHouse's Mad Chicken Scientist

    Aug 17, 2008
    Larry, KS
    My Coop

    There are lots of folks on here who all have varying levels of know how. I'm sorry you lost your chicks! One thing you can do is create a coop from scraps of wood or pallets over a bit of time. You'll need to get your little girl a friend, as they don't do well alone.

    Keep an eye on Freecycle and CraigsList for folks getting rid of something that can be turned into a coop. On my BYC page is an article discussing the true cost of owning chickens, and it has a pic of a coop you ma be able to make- from a dresser!!

    Ask away! You'll find tons of answers on my BYC page.
  3. RAWR

    RAWR Songster

    May 26, 2009
    who wants to know?
    [​IMG] from SW Indiana!
  4. Welcome. If you just want a few chicks, there are ways to put together a safe coop for very little money. Be creative. It's worth it! [​IMG]
  5. Lainy

    Lainy In the Brooder

    Jul 19, 2010
    Hi Veronica,

    Yes, if you can get more chickens and keep them protected, you'll find them worth their keep just in the pleasure they give you. A chicken wouldn't feel safe by herself anyway. We had chickens for years when we lived in Wisconsin, but within the last year have moved to a climate much like yours, though not quite as warm in the summer. Panama. Things like going online and ordering as many of whatever breed of chickens you want, are not available here. So we get whatever chickens we can where we can get them. The breed usually ends up being, "Guess What You Got".

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