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Jun 1, 2020
I am new to the group as well as Chickens and Guineas and have a bunch of questions
Sorry this is a long post.
I recently purchased 2 Male Guinea's grey from a lady who had them free ranging.I kept them in a coop with fully enclosed outside area for 3 days(they wanted out so bad) then I let them out. Well they went across the range road to a bush and stayed there for a day and now stay on my acreage. I then bought 4 white Guinea's 2 male and 2 female which are in a coop with 5 hens and a rooster(which I purchased the same day, full grown not even sure how old they are but laying great).the coop is 5 ft tall 6'X6' and enclosed outside area is 7ft tall and 6'X8' plus I made an area with chicken wire around it (no roof) The Guinea's were pecking at each other for a few days. A week later I tried to let a couple guinea's out the grey males are attacking the other males so I had to go rescue them. Will they ever tolerate each other?
My grey Guinea's hang around the coop almost all day.
Also I want to let the chickens free range. Can I let them out all at once. I have been feeding them Boss as a treat and they now now the sound of the shaking seeds.
So this is what I was planning to bring them back to coop at night.
Should I try a different method?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I just want to say how much I am enjoying these birds they are all amazing
Thanks Val

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