New to chickens and my chicken is acting unwell

Jul 22, 2021
New to chickens and my chicken is acting sick please help! To the best of my knowledge she is two years old and a production red. She’s been acting and eating normally for the past 3 weeks and then this afternoon is suddenly lethargic and all puffed up. She’s not eating and isn’t interested in treats. Her poop is normal just a tiny bit watery but it’s also hot out. She laid a normal egg this morning, doesnt feel hot in comparison to my other chicken and doesn’t have any weird breathing. No injuries that I can see. Honestly everything seems normal except her behaviour? My other chicken is fine. Do I need to be concerned?? She’s just standing there with her eyes closed all day which is weird and she didn’t want to go out for free range time. She’s not broody as far as I can tell
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How long have you had her?
What do you feed?
Any lice/mites?

Can you get some photos of her and her poop?

I would gather her up and see if she will drink for you. See if her crop is empty in the morning.

The crop is located on the right side of the breast. It feels like a pouch under the skin. When a bird has been eating/drinking you should feel a bulge because food/water is "stored" there. It's normal for the crop to be "full" when the hen goes to roost, but after a night of sleep, it should be flat or empty. If it's not empty, then let us know.
It should not hurt, the hen for you to feel of her crop, so don't worry about that.

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