New to chickens(and this forum), have a chick who can't walk correctly


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Hi all, well yesterday I got 25 chicks, when I saw the one(she's in my avatar) I actually thought she was a lost one since there was also another lost on in the box. I got all the chicks out noticed she was breathing, gave her sugar water and when she came around sat her with the rest. She could hardly walk, so I called the place I got them from and they told me it sounded like Splay Leg, I looked up pictures and it did not look the same, but I did the treatment for it anyway since it was helping her stand upright. She's one of the naked neck kinds. She depends on her left wing for a lot of support, and the left leg had blood on it when she came. She has trouble walking with both of them, but the right is better off. The legs look very reddish/pink I'm guessing it's swelling because they also look rubbery. She's hardly eating, and I have to help her drink. I was wondering if anyone knew what this might be, how to treat it, or what to even give her to make her eat more. She's a sweetheart and I'd feel so terrible if she was lost.

Thanks, also I hope I put this in the right place, and did everything right, lol.

Edit: I'm putting up a picture of her feet and of her sitting, it's like she can't control them that well, and they keep going up to her neck or on top of her head. When she first came she did it all the time, but now that I had them taped for a day and took it off she can sit up and stand semi-right. I was wondering if a video of her 'walking' might help? And of course now that I wanted a picture of her sitting up like she does, she doesn't want to do it, lol. I'll get one up later.

This is how it looks when she tries to walk, oh and this is her little friend I put in there with her since I'm keeping her away from the other chicks.

Here are her feet, they just don't look right. When she attempts to stand they don't go flat out like the other chicks do.

Another view of her foot, it look rubbery don't you think?
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You said that one leg was bloody. Could the injury there be causing the problem with walking? Maybe it's something that will heal up with a little TLC. She may have been smashed in the box or something.
I don't think it's that, but it might be. I don't see any puncture wounds or gashes. She can't support herself with either leg, well she couldn't when she came. She was just hatched before she was shipped, I was thinking she was like that before she was shipped and was stepped on when they were being shipped.

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