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  1. Country Dreamin'

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    Nov 29, 2010
    I will be asking my husband to build me a coop this spring. I am looking to have 8-10 layers and 10 meat birds. We live in Owen Sound, Ontario Canada. What size of coop should we start with. I was thinking 8x8 or 10x10?

    Where is a good place to find coop plans? I found this site:
    it any good? Any other suggestions would be welcome...

    With average high/low of -2 to -9 (28-14 F) in the winter will i need to insulate the walls and floors of my coop? I see a lot of coops with screened eves for more ventilation - is that recommended in a cold climate?

    Thanks everyone!
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    ALL coops must have ventilation...especially in colder climates. It is not so much the cold that kills em, it's the humidity and ammonia that builds up in a coop that is too tight. Chickens can handle a LOT of cold, as long as they are not moist or wet. Check out the coops on the BYC home page.
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    Dont foget to plan ahead for 'chicken math.' Build it bigger than you think you need it; eventually you'll still need a bigger one, but the first one may get you through a couple of years!
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    Apr 13, 2010
    Take a look at the thread "Woods style house in the winter". That kind of coop may be your answer. The book is on amazon. There are also a lot of nice coops on the coop design tab up top. Ventilation is the key thing. Read Pats page on ventilation. I have found out this winter that chickens can handle really cold days (-14) as long as they can get out of the wind and the coop is dry. If you have the option, go bigger as chicken math will get you! You also want enough room for the chickens to move around comfortably if they decide to stay inside for the day due to the weather. Have fun building your coop and remember this, chickens dont care if its square, what color it is or how it looks aesthetically!
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