new to chickens, coop run floor question

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    Ok I have ducks and a goose and will be getting chickens this summer. I am building a chicken tractor that will probably spend some considerable time parked on our patio when it rains or when we don't want to fertalize the lawn. I want to keep the patio tidy so I was thinking of avoiding straw or shavings in the run that can get everywhere. I know chicken poop is different from ducks thank God, and was wondering what some of you have tried or done with runs on cement.

    I was thinking I would use some sand on the cement under the run for them to scratch and the poop to stick to so we can sweep it up. Has anyone used some kind of easy clean up strategy for coops that park on a hard surface? Do you think sand would screw up my mulch pile?

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