New to Chickens, First Chicken Coop!


9 Years
Oct 31, 2012
I decided to start raising chickens for my FFA project, where I keep records on my expenses and eventually income when I start selling eggs. So, I talked to my dad who's in construction and found some plans online, and we started building!

Here's the link for our plans...

I apologize for the lack of starting pictures, I was crazy busy during the process and missed out on it. However, we built the coop on top of an 8X5 trailer. The idea is that we'll be able to pull it around the yard and not ruin our grass. Here's some pictures of the construction. I know nothing technical ha, so if you have any questions message me and I can find out.


And finally the finished product!

And happy chickens!

Let me know what you think!

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