New to chickens, new to country life, in New York


10 Years
Feb 19, 2010
Great Lakes
Hi all,

I've been a member for a while, but just recently took the plunge and got actual birds. I have 4 Americanauna pullets (I hope), which I realize are probably more accurately described as EE. I had thought I'd start with ducks, but it worked out with the chickens first. Maybe ducks later.

I live in upstate NY, and relocated about two years ago from a city neighborhood to a nearby town in the country. Only on three acres, but making the most of it. I'm learning to garden, preserve, and keep livestock to which DH is not allergic. That narrows it down to birds, and maybe a stocked pond.

You'll find me currently on the coop building board and scanning the EE thread hoping for glimpses of what my girls may look like when they're all grown up.


Backyard Hencam

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Apr 27, 2009
California Central Coast
Welcome. Sounds like you are having lots of fun (and probably new experiences) in your new life. I've got a beautiful EE named Tulip. Her pictures are on my website below. I think she is pretty typical of a hatchery EE. She's really quite regal. Looking forward to your postings.

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