New to Chickens, Quakertown PA


8 Years
Jan 16, 2012
I recently moved to my family's farm which had, for he better part of the last decade, been unoccupied. I have space and time ATM, so I'm thinking about getting some chickens for meat and eggs. I think I want to get RIRs and White Rocks, maybe a dozen of each (it seems like a round number.) I'm quite nervous about raising them, but I think I just need to jump in, order chicks and feed and roll. No amount of reading will prepare me for the experience.

I can set up a brooder in my basement and I have a small coop that my grandfather built for some guinea foul about 15 years ago. I would have to add nesting boxes or build a more substantial coop or chicken tractor eventually. Since I have 38 acres at my disposal, I hope to let the birds go free range, but I have some concern about predators, hawks, coyotes, neighbors dogs. Maybe come spring, I can build a chicken tractor with an run... I figure I have a bit of time, since it'll take about 8 weeks to get the chicks to the point that they could go outside.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and beg your forgiveness for the stupid questions I'll be asking over the next couple weeks.

Howdy! I was just in Quakertown, PA today at JoAnn's Fabrics!!! Good luck on your chicken adventure!!!

I will be looking forward to your adventures in Chicken raising, and getting the farm going again.
We like to see photos here of how things are progressing.
Read everything you can in the Learning Center of this forum. I have five BO's which I let free range for one hour prior to sunset, when they will go back into the coop on their own. There are too many roving dogs, coyotes, possums, raccoons and snakes about to let them out all day without me being there with them.
You can learn all you need to know on this forum, believe me.

Good Luck,.

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