New to chickens - who knew! Thanks!


7 Years
Apr 24, 2012
I would like to preface my introduction with a big thank you to backyard and it's active members. This site was instrumental in our education and subsequent acquisition of two entertaining hens.

My name is George and a couple of months ago I was talking with my wife about chickens, and how cool it would be to own a hen and have our own eggs. The immediate response was NO! Have you lost your mind? My kids looked up from their dinner plates and said dadthreats gross. We live in a good neighborhood, no HOA but city ordinances prohibit undomesticated animals.

That said, this is our first month with our two hens, Dottie and Betty. Now my wife loves retrieving the eggs the kids enjoy seeing them. The hens are 1 year old and took over a week to get comfortable and start laying. We let the girls out at night in the evening and watch them, we call it chicken TV. The hens have so much character and are so personable. We are very happy to have the hens in our family, thanks for the remote assist!
from Alabama. Glad you joined us.
Hello and :welcome

Happy to hear your family is enjoying the chickens! Best of luck continuing on with your chickens!
Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D

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