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10 Years
Jun 15, 2009
Hello, I live in the twin cities of Minnesota, and i am 99% sure (i will have to check to make sure before i do anything) that they passed the law of having chickens in my city. I THINK there is a limit that you can only have 4 chickens, and that your coop needs to meet/exceed their liking.

So since i love animals (look at the username
) I try and get anything i can! But due to my allergies of all animals my mom does not let me get that many (but she said i could have chickens- but at the time she thought they were illegal to have so i wouldnt be able to have them, i googled it and it sounds like she is wrong!)

Anyways some quick other info, i enjoy doing agility with my 2 blk/silv miniature schnauzers, along with breeding them. I also LOVED horse jumping while my mom could afford paying for the lessons and a half-lease of an ex Champion jumper show horse that was retired. Since i almost died a few years ago from an asthma and pneumonia attack (due to allergies-from mainly animals- i had chinchillas, sugar gliders, snakes, dogs, cats, a horse, guinea pigs, etc) my mom does not let me keep very many animals anymore.. However it is pretty much impossible for me to be allergic to fish so right now i have a 125 gallon saltwater tank, i will be getting more tanks soon, ive had saltwater tanks for a few years now, and i work at a saltwater fish store.

So anyways i have a large old playhouse that i plan on turning into a chicken coop. It has two stories (the chickens probably wont be able to fly up there right?) cuz we will probably leave that as storage.

It has 2 small-ish windows on both sides, and a medium-large window above the human door (but way up on the top)

After reading a little bit it sounds like chickens do not need that much space at all (right now i am TOTALLY guessing that the floor dimensions are ATLEAST 10 feet deep X 6 feet wide (the first floor is probably about 6 feet high, both first and second floor would probably be atleast 12 feet high.

On the roof there are either 2 or 3 plastic square things that squirrels can not get into but add more ventilation.

Right now it is not insulated, but i will have to add that to the walls before i get my first chickens.

I plan on making around a 4 foot X however wide the house really is to house extra food, bedding, etc. that the chickens will not be able to get into.

Anyways i will stop typing.. so hopefully atleast SOME of you will read my post and help me out with suggestions (by the way i am planning on buying sussex chickens- since their temperment sounds friendly and they should be able to handle the MN winters)
Sounds like a great plan! That is the most important part... to plan ahead.

Just keep asking questions and there should be plenty of suggestions... and welcome to BYC... the only times I've ever been to Minneapolis was flying in there on a layover in the middle of December. COLD!!!

As a fellow allergy-sufferer, I have to say that birds can be very dusty, and if your allergies are life-threatening you might want to think about this some more. Can you find out if anyone in your area has chickens, that you could spend some time with? It would be good if you find out ahead of time if they're going to trigger any severe attacks. Other than that they're a whole lot of fun! I hope you find they're comfortable for you to be around - good luck!
thanks for all the welcomes! and no my allergies are not life threatening unless i am around whatever i am allergic to non stop then it will bug me (like if i sleep over at a friends with MANY cats for a couple days, then it bugs me) and stuff like that, plus i went through many years of allergy shots. I am not worried about that at all.

and yes i love planning things out its so much fun, and then you dont waste money, etc.

Although i think actually getting your plans done is more fun

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