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    May 5, 2010
    Hi everyone, I am new here and new to chickens. We built our coop a few weeks ago and I noticed that many are using wood shavings. I have been using hay for the floor. I am wondering what some experienced chicken keepers preferences are for bedding and the reasons. Also should I keep the food strictly outside or is it better to keep it inside the coop? We currently only have 6 hens who are 8 weeks old.

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    I prefer pine shavings. Pretty cheap, comes in a compacted bale that fluffs up much larger than it looks like it will. Others like hay, but someone on BYC may be able to tell you why some folks don't like to use hay - something to do with the way hay can hold moisture, and mold, because it's hollow. Rice hulls are another choice, and they compost down more quickly than wood shavings.

    I keep feed SOLELY inside the coop(s). Fewer visiting birdies will partake of the feed, so I'm not providing meals for all the sparrows and finches and whatnots in the whole neighborhood. I use a nipple watering system inside the coop AND outside in the run, so there's no water spillage and mess.

    Only food they get in the run is BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seed) and other treats.

    Oh, and WELCOME to BYC (and chickens)!

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