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My husband wants to have fresh eggs. We are building a nice coop with a little fenced in yard (well re enforced for predators) for the chickens. So, in reading as much as I could find, I am assuming we need to buy 6-8 Rhode Island Red hens. Do we buy them as young hens, little chicks or how old should they be? Should I just read my market bulletin to find someone with RIR young hens? I did read an interesting article on one of the airline mags about a family who had 6 Black Sex Linked hens. But, I dont want to mix the breeds. There are 3 of us in our family who eat eggs so would either of these be OK for producing say 10 eggs/week?

I got a cool water/feed dispensor
We use this for our homer pigeons and it is really a way to keep the mess down so I am hoping the chickens will like it too.

I really dont know what sort of feed to get them except what is at the feed/seed store. We plan to give them greens several times a week too.

I hope to learn about chickens from this forum

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I just got started this year in raising byc....I got 6 rir. i wanted peeps but hubby wanted eggs right away..we checked around and found them..they were close to 1 year old.and we got eggs the next day..we kept them in the coop for a week,they claim 2 weeks inthe coop,but it was sooo hot i couldnt stand it so we left them out after a week and they found their way back by sundown...i guess it all depends on how quickly you want the eggs...all summer from 6 chicks we averaged 5 eggs a day. we give them laying mash and cracked corn...they love cantalope, crackers,bread, we get them mealworms they love..they will eat most any bug that moves....they have been great so far...they come running when called,and when not called especially if they think they are getting a treat......hope this helps....any other ?'s just ask...have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!
From the Bayou State of Louisiana!!!!

Well... if you end up with 8 total, then I would expect 5-6 a day. So, you three egg eaters could count on between 3 dozen eggs weekly give or take a few, and also seasons.

I would suggest getting them as chicks. They really are fun to watch grow up, and as well, they become attached to you as well... at least most of Mine are 6 weeks old now, but I grew up with chickens.

Good luck with your NEW chicken Ranch!
The chicks you can tame easily the older ones it takes time but can be done. We have had them all ages this year. Started with 3 month olds went to 10 day olds then 1 day olds now hatching out some. I have 8 RIR that right now I am getting 7-8 eggs a day. That will drop off soon as the days are getting shorter and I am not going to use lighting. Here we go with the seasons. By the way
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Welcome! I agree with Yay Chics that the waiting builds excitement and makes getting the first egg a momentous occasion. Plus, the wait allowed me to learn more about chickens and mine in particular. They became great pets, so when the eggs finally came, it was just a bonus and renewed our excitement. We got 6 eggs yesterday from our 7 hens and my daughter squealed with joy. Check out my BYC page. It's all part of the journey.
I agree with getting chicks to watch them grow and get to learn chicken behavior. If you are going to get 8 chicks you might enjoy getting a couple of different breeds. I want one of each....but can't have them all.. Welcome!!!

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