New to Chickies...


11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Shreveport, La
Well, my son and I are new to this chickie fever.. but we have got it bad now..
We got 2 bantam cochin chicks on Friday, and unfortunately, lost one on Sunday. The other is doing fine.. eating and growing well, and peeping "her" little head off. She seemed a little lost and confused once the other chick was gone, so we have put a mirror in her brooder, and she "talks" to it, and last night, slept cuddled with her own reflection.
We are going today to get another playmate for her from the same feed store, they still have some of the same shipment of bantam chicks.. but my question is this- After 2 days on her own, do we need to do anything special to introduce Lola to her new friend? Or do we just put the new chick in the brooder and watch for interaction?
Also, how can I tell how old my chickie is? The feed store was not sure what the hatch date was, and I have not been able to find much info on the web.. I do think she is starting to get some of her wing feathers though.. I will try to post a pic when I get home.
Also, big debate between my son and I.. I seem to be noticing her peeps change based on what she "needs". Her water dish gets dirty, and she peeps like crazy til we clean it out for her.. and if she wants to come out and "play", she peeps differently too. My son (14 year old) says I'm nuts... anyone else know what their chickies are "saying"
hi an welcome.usually the feedstore gets chickd thats just been only has a batch of chicks till they are all sold.yes you can put more chicks in with the 1 you have now.because they are all close to same age.

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