New to Chicks! Just hatched 5!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by adoptapitbull, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Sep 21, 2011
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    My broody Buckeye momma just hatched all 5 of the Buckeye eggs under her. We started her with 7 eggs, thinking that 2 were fertile Silkie eggs, but then realized they must've been unfertile Polish eggs, so they were discarded and that left momma with 5. Three of them hatched 2 days early on Friday, and the other 2 were overnight last night, about 1 day early. All look great and momma is doing a great job! She allows me to handle them and help them find food and water. Since this is my first time hatching, are there any big "no-no's" that I should avoid? I want to let momma raise them and I will then decide to sell/keep when they become a bit older. Mainly I want to let nature take its course and try to let momma do what she needs to do with them, so long as I don't mess something up.

    Right now we have her and the chicks housed away from the flock in a large dog crate to keep everyone safe. At what age should I open the door and let them explore? I free range all my chickens and they've done very well.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    I only started having broodies this year and I keep them separate. Usually I sell most of the babies when they are around 6 weeks old. I kept 3 from Aprils hatch and let them start to free range at about 2 months, but I am overly cautious. I know alot of people that dont separate at all and they have done fine. Whatever you are comfortable with. Right now I have 10 babies ibn the big broody coop and a bantam momma in with 6 so far and 1 more pipped in my husbands man cave in a horse trough.
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    I kept my broody and her clutch separate for about 3 days. Now they are with the rest of the flock and free range. They follow mama around and she defends them from my poodle, nosy peacock and tom cat. The only issue I have so far is the rest of the fatty's are eating all the medicated starter which is pretty pricey compared to their layer feed. But, I'm just going with it. Lol. They are so fun to watch run around the yard. One day I went out and mama was having a fit and I couldn't find the babies anywhere. I was just sick. Had to run to town to pick up one of the kids and when I returned they were right with mama. Not sure where they were, but they were all 5 just fine.

    Good luck!

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