New to ducks- building fence + keeping area clean?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by booksandducks, May 18, 2016.

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    May 18, 2016
    Hi, so I'm new to keeping ducks. I've got four ducks right now, I've had them for a bit over a month and they are currently living in a coop-type thing that my grandfather & I built. (It's around 9 feet long and maybe 3ish feet wide, completely covered in chicken wire on all sides + with a enclosed box for sleeping + shelter). As they were still pretty little and I live in Minnesota, I at first kept them in the house, and moved them to the coop thing in the garage (it was still reaching temperatures as low as 30 degrees a week and a half ago). Now I think they have a lot of their feathers in and am going to move them outside.

    I live in a suburban type development, but in the countryside. I have a weird backyard, but there is a flat grassy part that I am going to keep them in. I was going to buy a plastic kiddy pool from target for them to splash around in as well, and move the coop to the grassy area. However, as there are 4 ducks and they have definitely outgrown the coop, I wanted to build an area for them to roam around supervised during the day/evening (we have lots of hawks, foxes, etc that would love a snack so I wouldn't ever let them out unsupervised).

    I have some letfover chicken wire that I was going to staple to wooden posts and use that as a fence. Do you think that would be adequate?

    Also.... they're super messy and I was wondering how I'd go about cleaning up the poop from the grass. Right now in the coop I just have everything covered in straw so it's not an issue (more of a space thing really, the coop is not big enough for 4 ducks to spend all day in), but I don't know what to do now... Could I just hose it into the mulch where we have some flowers and bushes?

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