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14 Years
Nov 8, 2007
Lafayette, Indiana
We want to get a couple of ducks. We have about 50 hens so are not entirely new to poultry.

I just don't know what to feed the ducklings!!

Can someone help or direct me to a website with the info I need?

I feed them Multi flock, i have some chickens in with my ducks, when the ducks reach egg laying age, i mix multi flock with egg layer,

some feed stores will sell duck feed, but i dont have any close to me.

There are a few other considerations than feed - you are on the right track, checking ahead of time.

Take a look (if you have not already) at the topics Help Getting ducks soon, and duck brooder questions.

I use Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks. We have had a number of topics posted with similar questions recently, so scan the index and see some good material there.

Other than feed, do you have any specific concerns?
My main question is the feed for the babies.

We had ducks a couple of years ago, until neighbors dog killed them. We decided we would try again (old dog has died since then). I have brooder, outdoor enclosure when big enough, dog house for shelter, and wading pool when they are ready for it.

I just keep thinking we fed them something besides chick-starter when they were babies. I cannot, for the life of me, remember what we fed them to start out.
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i will be getting a pair of regular call ducks from the local feed store here soon as well, i would love to know the answer to this question as well. Will chick starter hurt or be bad for our new baby duck's? I just didn't really want to buy a 15 dollar 50 lb bag of flock food for just our 2 baby ducks...especially when my feed bill for the chickens is as high as it is.
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I gave mine the chick starter/grower unmedicated. I can't even get medicated feed so its not such a big deal lol but thats what I fed my 3 ducklings, who are now almost a year old
Well, I am using Agway Turkey & Waterfowl starter, plus one part ground oatmeal to 4 parts starter because the starter is 26% protein and I am aiming for 18 to 20 percent the first two weeks. These are crumbles.

Late next week we will begin switching to grower pellets, which I will add in increasing amounts (may grind them up a bit at first - we will see), and still the oatmeal because the grower is also a little high in protein.

Next week I also plan to introduce finely chopped fresh green things, like bok choy leaves, perhaps chopped peas and green beans.

You know ducklings need lots more niacin than chicks, right?
I feed mine Purina Milla Flock Raiser they can stay on that with extra worms/greens/other treats for their life.

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