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Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by buckisyellow, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Our 4 hens & two roosters are all 4 months old. I have determined our either our Rhode Island Red or Barred Rock is laying eggs about once a day shortly after I open their coop door in the morning. They free range all day. Either the RIR is laying them & the BR is sitting on them OR the BR is laying them & the RIR is just being nosy & hanging out with her under our hostas. Anyway....

    1. How quickly do I need to collect the eggs & get in to the refrigerator? We've had 90-something degree days but this week it's in the 70's.
    2. How do I encourage the hens to lay eggs in the coop's nest boxes?
    3. I don't want chicks....aside from re-homing the rooster, what can I do to prevent it?
    4. Polish rooster is a gem....but he crows A LOT. Its hilarious how he throws back his head & his neck contorts into the shape of a snake. Anyway, the Dark Brahma is the same age & not trying to mate or crow, however he is getting aggressive toward me when I open the coop door & fill feed/water dishes in the yard. Is this par for course once their hens start laying eggs?


    ps. egg shells are thick, eggs uniform brown color, yolk great color & shape and eggs themselves are on the smaller size.
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    in 90 degree heat I'd pick them up as soon as you can but if they're laying them under the hostas at least they're in the shade. If you don't wash them you don't have to hurry to get them into the fridge. I usually collect a lg basket full and then clean them all at once... takes a couple days. As for not wanting chicks just don't let them set on the eggs. If they don't set they won't hatch any chicks. However, 2 roosters to 4 hens is not enough. You really only need one roo for at dozen or more hens. You'll probably find that they'll wear and stress your girls out and then they'll not lay much. As for the aggressive Roo, there's lots of ideas on the boards about how to deal with them. I've found with the limited number of roo's we've had that ignoring them and not trying to pick them up etc works well. Once, one went after my hubby (never after me) and he just used his foot to fling him away forcefully (not a full on kick). It never went after him again. Some roo's are always aggressive so that's something to consider too as well if you have small kids around. Hope this helps. I'm sure others will also have ideas.

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