New to forum...Coop picture for your viewing pleasure!


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
Lawton, OK

Just posting a picture of our coop that me and my husband finally finished! We moved our little girls (and one possible little boy) into the coop today, you can see some of them in the pic... The coop is a renovated large doghouse. We raised the floor a good two feet off the dirt ground (which was prone to becoming mucky from runoff), and made it a wood floor. We covered the wood floor with mats and placed pine shaving over it. We also made a wooden door for the front of the coop and totally renovated the run outside for our girls! I am just getting used to posting pics so I hope it shows up.....

Tell me what you think!!!

Welcome to BYC's - the best chicken site around for learning to care for chicks.

That looks like it was the biggest dog house ever. Lots of nest boxes - don't be surprised if they use just a few favorites.

Do you have more pics you could share? (We LOVE pics and more pics).
Also, you might find once they start laying, they probably wont use that many nesting boxes. I have about 30 layers, they have six boxes to choos from and they only use 3 -4 of them. Also, if in case you haven't alredy added roosts(perches) they need to be above the level of the nesting boxes to prevent them from sleeping and pooping in the boxes.
Thanks everyone! The roosts are actually closest to me on the wall that you can't see from the pic... We only have three poles at varying heights but they are fairly long, so I hope they will suffice. Is there an easier way for me to upload pics? We have 23 barred rocks that we raised from chicks, we only lost two so far and one was lost via postage, the other was lost the day after I received them.
LOL...I guess we did put alot of boxes in but I have to admit I wanted my ladies to have plenty of room.... Here is a different angle where you can see the roosts...


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