New to forum! Question about chick age?

Turken Lover

10 Years
Mar 21, 2009
Hi everyone! I have been a lurker for a month or so and I finally regestered today! My question is at what age do the TSC/Farm stores sell their chicks? I ask because I went to the farm store and could not resist buying some litle ones! These are my first babies! I do have 20 older big girls, most given to me. But the babies are growing so fast I was just wondering their aprox age.

When I got them they were about the size of my palm and cute little fuzzy things. Now(about a month later) they are almost fully featherd out and about 4 times the size!!

I truely have no clue on age with these being my first chicks and all!

Thank you so much in advance!

I also have to say this site is an awsome place for info!!


11 Years
Jun 17, 2008
Middle Tennessee
I agree with debakadeb - - probably a week or less if they were still fuzzy. Their wing feathers come in first, often starting around 4 days or so, then body feathers.

Good luck with your new babies!

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