new to geese is it possible for a brown chinese to breed with a pomeranian? anyone ever seen the off


8 Years
May 14, 2012
my parents have been asking me this as we have what we believe is a chinese or african goose and a pomeranian gander.

still a baby but we are curious.
Maybe similar coloring to this?

glad everyone is making fun of me for nothing...i messed up and posted only one of the two pictures...thank you Kevin and celticoaks for realizing i am NOT an idiot and made a mistake and posted only one of my geese and not the other because i know for sure what the other is... answers were appreciated. i do in fact know the difference between my turkey and my 2 geese.

thanks again CelticOaks and Kevin,

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I'm sorry you took offense. I found the quote posted about the turkey to be humorous and in no way a reflection of anyone's intelligence. We're all here to learn from one another, with occasional humor mixed in. Hope your trio of feathered little guys are doing well.
i wasnt offended by you so much as the other individual that will remain un-named who seems to go about trying to start things. kevin and celtic were just the only ones that answered. i was very curious because i had never heard of the mix and wondered if it could be because of some form of zygotic barrier.
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