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11 Years
Jul 25, 2011
Winfield, KS
This is my first time for raising guineas. I got 2 first & they are 7 weeks old now & almost all feathered out. I'm pretty sure both of these are female Pearls. I recently got baby guineas from Ideal Poultry, I started out with 7 & have lost 2 for whatever reason in the past few days. It's been really hot here, so it could have been due to heat. At any rate, I moved the little ones out of the brooder, they're 3 weeks old, & moved them into a cage with the two 7 week old ones. The older ones are now caring for the babies like they are their own. Is this normal behavior for such young guineas? I was just really surprised that they are being so protective of them at this age. We were working on the cage modifying it for a little while & I had to move the babies back to the brooder temporarily with some baby chicks. I put the two older ones in another cage because they're too big to be in the brooder. They yelled & yelled for those babies almost the whole time they were separated, they didn't quiet down until we were done & moved them all back in together. These same two guineas also get upset every night when the chickens go inside the coop to roost. Their pen is right next to the chicken coop & run. When the chickens go inside & the guineas can't see them any more they make quite a ruckus for awhile & this goes on every night. It's like they miss the company of the chickens or something. I did for a short while have some baby chicks in with these guineas when they were smaller. Could they think they're chickens? This is all new to me!
Guineas are MUCH happier in flocks (which would explain why the 2 oldest got vocal when separated from everybody, even the chickens), but I've never witnessed any of my older keets being overly attached to younger keets when I've integrated them (they usually have to show the youngin's who's boss with a few warning pecks and some chasing). Consider yourself really lucky, you got to bypass any and all issues of integrating different ages! Hopefully the bond remains and they become a solid flock
Ok, that's good to hear, I'm glad that they have bonded so well because I was a little worried about that. Hopefully they will continue to feel that way.

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