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    Ok so we wanted to raise some chicks but didn't know how to go about get my hens to brood. ( I should have looked on here first, I know...)Someone told me to just leave some eggs in the box and one will lay on them. So this has happened but now I have been reading posts and see that some have been candling the eggs.... is this to ensure they are laying on fertile ones?? Is it necessary to do it?? AND if none of these are fertile can I take them out from under her without harming her and if some are fertile and some are not what should I do with the "bad" ones leave them till the good ones hatch or take them out?? I have noticed too that when she got down to take a walk to the feeder another hen jumped up and laid on the eggs is this normal?? Also not all the eggs belong to the same hen. Will any of this matter???
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    It's a little confusing the way you worded it but it doesn't matter who's eggs she's sitting on. If she is a good broody she will hatch any eggs... Sometimes golfballs. Also I recommend candling however if you are new to it and not sure leave them. I almost threw out three beautiful chicks now one mon. Good Luck :)
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  3. First if you want the hen to sit on the eggs and hatch out you should move her to a separate spot where the other hens will not keep laying eggs in the nest. It is up to you if you candle but I would wait till she has set on them at least 4 days so you will be able to see veining in the egg. If they are not fertile and you want to put fertile eggs under her I would do so at night and remove her eggs that she is on first then put the new eggs in there. She will not care long as she is sitting on some eggs. Does not matter what hen layed the eggs she will still sit on them.
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