New to hatching quail.....and jumped in with both feet!


9 Years
Dec 4, 2010
Boring, OR
Well, I set 54 quail eggs yesterday. This is my first time hatching quail, so wish me luck. I originally planned on setting about 20-25 eggs to 'test the waters' but happened on a good deal and my hubby jumped on it - so 54 eggs is what we got! LOL

Anyway, since I wasn't planning on that number, I don't have a brooder or cage big enough for that many quail chicks - if most happen to hatch. Can you give my suggestions for how much room I need in both a brooder, and a grow-out cage, for that many Coturnix?

I love it. I always say go big or stay home. LOL

I am no big quail raiser but I would shoot for about a 2x8 grow out cage to get you through the cull stage. As far as a brooder I would think about 2x3 would be sufficient. If you get a 50% hatch you should be pretty good.More than that and It might get a little tight but you will have a few weeks to readjust.

Just what I would do.
That's too funny!!!

Thank you for the suggestions. That is not quite as big as I thought I might need, so I'm glad to hear it.

Cherokee - yes, I am very excited about hatching these guys. I can't even imagine how small they will be from those tiny little eggs!
(I'm used to hatching chickens)

Good luck on yours as well. How many and what do you have?
Aww, thanks! I used to hatch out a lot of chickens too, lol. I put eight button eggs in when I woke up today, & ended up adding a ninth a while ago since she laid another. I brought the parents home at a day old, they were the size of bumblebees. Soo cute.

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