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    Dec 14, 2014
    I just bought a brinsea mini eco incubator and I'm wondering does anybody have some tips on incubating and experiences with the brinsea mini eco.I know the basics like turning the eggs at least 3 times a day and leaving them alone after day 18.Im also wondering what is the best time of year to hatch chicks and should I use my own barnyard mix eggs or ship some purebred ones.
    P.S. I've always had chickens and I raised a couple of small batches of chicks but I bought the chicks as day olds and so this will be my first hatch.
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    This article is well worth a read for hatching tips in any make or model of incubator:

    I haven't used the Brinsea mini, I have an Eco 20, but everyone I've spoken to so far, myself included, were very happy with their Brinsea incubators. They maintain temperature well and is very user-friendly. I would recommend buying a hygrometer (I bought mine at a pet shop) to monitor the humidity in your incubator, as incorrect humidity can really mess up your hatch.

    I hatch eggs on and off year round, but Spring and summer is a better time for hatching. I personally find it easier to raise chicks in summer. If you are new to hatching you will find hatching your own flock's eggs easier to learn and practice with. Shipped eggs are a gamble and the postal service rolls the dice, unfortunately. Some shipped egg hatches turn out wonderful, some dismal. The best you can do there is order eggs from a reputable breeder and ask them to pack the eggs are carefully as possible. It is well worth a try though. The article I linked for you above discusses shipped eggs and how to manage them.

    Best of luck with your hatch and keep us posted!
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    Welcome to hatching! It's fun and oh so stressfull....but so worth it. (And addicting.)
    Mine, so far, are barnyard mix and I love them! It's great cause when you hatch, you don't know what you are going to get! I've seen some beautiful purebreds I wouldn't mind having, but I think, for me, it'd be a bit anti climatic to hatch all the same breed cause I would pretty much know what to expect. I like the variety of mixes. Local eggs also have a higher average hatch rate than shipped eggs. I really want some show girl eggs to hatch and am having problems finding them locally, and I really don't want to sink the money into an expensive dozen of eggs, and pay all that money for shipping and have a bad hatch, so I haven't ventured into hatching shipped eggs yet. Guess I am a scaredy

    There are a lot of Brinsea users on here, so you shoud be able to get some info on that. (I use a cheapy foam bator.)

    I would say spring/summer for hatching as well, unless you live in a climate where it's decent weather all year round. I did a November hatch and will never hatch that late in the year again!! It's nice that by the begginning of spring I should have hens about ready to lay, but I live in NORTHERN NY and they are housing in our playroom.....not again. I don't mind brooding inside the first 6 weeks or so, but this is crazy!!!

    What ever you decide to go with for hatching, I wish you good luck!

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