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    HI! most just call me Aunt Gem ,
    We are new to keeping chickens. I have been around them on and off my whole life but this is the first time we have had any of our own. We currently have 4 . We think they are all EEs and two are crowing, one of wish is most definitely a roo and the other most likely is too, even though i was hoping she/he was just a "vocal female" .
    We are learning on the fly .
    We told a friend we were planing for chicks and had started collecting things and planning a coop and about three weeks later 4 chicks were in our hands ( ready or not) from a 1st grade classroom hatching project. Had no clue what or whom we had on our hands, But we sure learn quick ( and so do they!). that was just over 8 weeks ago . they are now almost 12 weeks and we will have to re home the roos sadly . i love the two of them , in order to keep chickens i cant even have "overly noisy females" but untill they find good for ever homes they are my little budies to be in joyed :) the two ( hopefully) Females are coming around to hand feeding and "chicken belly rubs" and they come to sit at our side so .. all is good with them .
    Even though we have to re home the roos i would like to add two hens. Im considering and olive egg layer of some mix and maybe another EE , but that can change in a heart beat because every time i look at the different breeds i want one of each! ( according to DH its a good thing the village only alwoes us 4 per household ) .
    Our daughter just had her first child about 6 weeks ago and i am so looking forward to teaching her about chickens when she is older. gathering eggs with our grand-children is something we both look forward too .

    let me see if i can up load a couple photos of the 4 we have currently [​IMG]We use to call "her" Mary Ann , untill she started to crow all day long ... now He is called MJ and we noticed he has spur bumps coming on .

    [​IMG]this is Ginger , the verdict is out on her yet. But, there are no signs of spur bumps and no crowing and is a sweat heart , loves to sit next to us , but hates to be picked up .
    [​IMG]This is Niki ( pronounced Knee-Key) .. Oh Niki... my baby why did she have to crow. not as loudly or as well as MJ though she/he hasbeen doing it longer and it only seams to occure when treats are late or she/ he is startled. and no one can decide if she/he is a Barred Rock, Dominique, Cuckoo Maran, or a mix of some sort with her random blak fethers that "shimmer blue and green:


    and this is Mini ( pronounced My-Knee) she is just our little doll-butt . she loves to pose for the camera. she will come runing to its click click click befor she runs to treats. lol and she will stand still for her pic too. she is a little stand offish but friendly . ( and she kinda "honks" like a goose.) She is splashed with lovely dark chocolaty brown feathers here and there and is a realy Beauty !.

    So those are our chicken kids .

    Its wonderful to meat you all, to all those i have learned so much from just lurking about before I (we) joined , Thank you for sharing! I hope I can pay it forward :)
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    Welcome to BYC! Please make yourself at home and we are here to help.

    X2 on the link provided by Kelsie. You have three males and one beautiful female:)
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    Hi and Thanks!
    oooooh boy that's what I was afraid of, DH will be crushed too. I think I will take you up on that suggestion and i will get those picks or better ones over there right quick! :) Thank you! Thank You ! Hope you have an awesome week !

    To both of you :)
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    Hello and welcome to BYC! [​IMG]

    You have a lovely flock! Sorry about all the roos. These things happen.

    Enjoy your birds and welcome to our flock!
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    Hi and Thanks ! :)
    yea.. sometimes it just can't be helped. But, they are teaching me wonderful things so as long as they are in my care.. ( till I can re-home them to a forever-home and bring in a couple girls for Minie's sake... and my egg need), it should all work out . Hope you have a fantastic week !
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    Welcome to BYC, Aunt Gem! Glad you decided to join our flock. You have some beautiful Easter Eggers. They are my granddaughter's favorite chickens. She loves their colored eggs. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way we can. Good luck with your flock.
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    I'm sorry for you, Maryann would have been my favorite girl [​IMG]. Mini is beautiful too- hope I don't jinx her.

    About the only way to get the gender you want is to buy sex links - they are a particular color at birth so you can tell females then. Or to buy point of lay pullets. The sex links usually put out eggs like crazy then slow down after the second year - they also tend to get female problems that shorten their life.

    Point of lay pullets, aren't tiny chicks, so may be slower to warm up to people or too aloof to care (really depends on breed).

    You didn't mention silkies but, I want to mention them anyway, as a caution. They are extremely difficult to sex before 4-5 mos. of age, and sometimes not till they crow or lay.
    They are popular and a real kid favorite but, a lot of folks offer them for sale as a very young, as pullets when they know they can't sex them with authority., It's really buyer beware or run!!

    They are fluffy and adorable but, the males can be just as loud as any large fowl breeds. Silkies are considered bantams. The hens generally make very good broodies and some people buy them just to hatch out eggs. BTW welcome to BYC
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    Thank you all for the wonderful warm welcomes and all the great input [​IMG] . The three boys will have to be re-homed . Niki will be the last to go because I think he will be the best boy for the job of helping Minie adjust to her two new flock mates. We got an offer and ran right over to pick up two female which are Americana x White leghorn x Auburn Java pullets about the same age as Minie and the others ( one is solid black and the other is white with random dark feathers like Minie ) . The two new ones don't have the cool face tuffs but they do lay green eggs ( she said they are second generation green for her and she hatched them from green eggs) ![​IMG] The two new pullets are in the garage away from the others for now . I know they will need a two week to thirty day quarantine ( I will have to go back and read to be sure) .. I the lady that we got them from had all the boys separated from the girls . When we went to pic up the two new girls, she let us wonder about and gave us some really great hands on training today . It was as helpful as all of you have been and all the wonderful information I am learning on BYC ! I will post pics of our two new ones that i take tomorrow. they have their initial coming home pic , but I didn't think they needed the stress of a photo shoot their first night out of their juvenile flock and into a strange new place. . so for now here are Peeps ( the white one ) and Magpie ( the black on) just before we loaded them in the car to come home . sorry the pics are so bad, but I will take and add better photos tomorrow .



    (sorry they loaded sideways , i may not have them sized right. )
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