New to Muscovy....couple questions


8 Years
Apr 26, 2011
Hey All,

I have been thinking about it and now have the opportunity to get a few Muscovy ducklings. I was thinking maybe 3 a male and 2 females. I want to let them free range on the property.( 3.5 acres with a tiny tiny creek running through it and about 1.5 acres being woods). They seem like the best breed for me. I want something relatively friendly, able to forage for a large amount of their own food, good broodies, relatively good at surviving free range... So they seem to fit my desires....that being said I would be open if those requirements scream a different breed to any of you.

Few questions.

What age can I start letting them actually free during the day? I can brood them inside and can put up a temp fence for a little but would like them out and roaming as soon as they can do so.

I have read some conflicting opinions about housing/ lack of. Some folks say just let them stay out 24/7 others say to coop em up at night... any input on that?

If i do "house" them at night what is sufficient? The opinions again seem to range from a wood shed with heat under 45 degrees to a predator proof dog kennel with a tarp on it?

Thanks for any help on this adventure. I saw one of the mamas walking around with her babies at the farm I can get them from and wow they seem like good mamas. Any other general advice or experiences with muscovy would be appreciated to.
I recommened putting in a couple of geese with them, they will feather out in two months (thats when they can range wherever but they don't need a heat lamp as long as it's warm after 3 week. You can let them stay out but a fox or coyote will get them easy. A coop is what I have and I lock them up when I can but they are often let out. They don't need any warming stuff but just need the weather off them in the winter. i left my outside all winter in their house and they all survived. Well one hung itself and another just disappeared but none died off cold. When they are out they will eat most all of their grass and bugs. They like to fly up on stuff so I recommened a box. they will start laying anywhere from 4 to 9 months. My started at 7 but I have heard the others too.
I was sort of leaning in the direction of a small "coop" for night protection and let them go during the day. I know there is is risk but I just dont feel right clipping wings and confining a duck. so pretty much like cold hardy chickens .....a dry place out of the wind is the essential to housing? I have a dirt floor garage on an outbuilding I have. its not really secure buti could potentiall just put a wire predator proof "cage" in there and shut them up at night.....or would a small say 4x4 coop be enough for 3 of them at night?
also someone said at least 4 hens for the drake to keep him happy??? is that right?

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