New to Peafowl Incubation--Any advice? !?


Mar 29, 2015
I have 4 eggs coming in the next week or so..they will be travelling a long way to get to me..MT to I don't expect perfection of course but would love some advice from some veterans on giving these guys the best chance possible.
I've been incubating and hatchibg chickens for 3 or 4 years now. I do dry incubation bc spring/summer here is pretty humid and I have great results.
I have 2 styrofoam is strictly for incu, the other hatching..
Can I add these 4 to the incu with my chicken eggs? Or are the conditions not right?
I have a routine I follow with shipped (chicken) eggs..I unpack and unwrap, let them sit to room temps..add to incu, no turning til Day 4, then depending on air cell, they either get tipped back and forth or the turner gets turned on. I leave them upright after moving to the hatcher bc I've had better results with them upright versus laying on their sides..
If I forgot to add anything, just ask..I really want them to have the best chance possible..and I realize even with perfect conditions I still may get zero, but the more prepared going in, the better I'll feel♡♡
Thanks in advance! !
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