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Jun 16, 2019
ABQ, New Mexico
I was wondering if by any chance there was a Pheasant that could live in a 100 square foot aviary garden, also wondered about Partridges. The garden will be a flower garden.


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Oct 25, 2015
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I am assuming yes, but can pheasants go through a 6"x 6"hole in my fence or should I run a wire in between the holes, also is a 7 ft tall aviary ok
I'm guessing that the fencing your using for the 'garden aviary' is standard sheep fencing, 6" x 6" square mesh? If so this is not adequate for an aviary. The largest wire mesh shouldn't be larger than 2". 1" or 1/2" wire mesh is preferred, will keep almost all predators out of the enclosure.
7' tall is adequate.


Mar 27, 2020
You have to think of both sides.Keeping my pheasants in and predators out.I suggest 1/2 hardware cloth everywhere,yes it is a bit more expensive but Well worth it in the long run.Plus an apron around the perimeter of the entire pen,you can use the 1" hex wire for that.I just lay mine flat on the ground and connect it to the bottom of the pen.I go from bottom of pen and out 2' and hold it down with tent stakes.This way grass will grow thru and it looks natural.Also don't put your perch to high as predators can reach down and grab them or put a wood or metal(suggested)roof on the top.i pitch mine the same as a house and put their perch in the center of the peak.
In N.H.,Tony.

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