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Mar 9, 2013
Hello All -- So I have really only started one thread and that was on the intro page. I wrote about the two lame ducks from TSC. I will update that very very soon as we of course have new news.

On to the Polish. The wife and I ordered 20 chicks from Meyer Hatchery because they are just across the border from us in Ohio. The wife wanted something fancy and different. So I ordered her some polish because had shown some interest in them. By the way, I did read the sticky about crested chickens. Either way, I ordered her 6 and then ordered 15 of the "rare assorted egg layers". They have some really nice chicks in that package.

Well the day came that I got the call from the post office and I went to pick the chicks up. The same day that I picked them up, two had died. Then the next day one died during the night. Then two more that day. Luckily we have an aviary specialist vet that is fiends/co-worker with my wife. They had sent the chicks and at least on of them had an upper respiratory infection and then it spread to the rest of them. We lost 8 in total. Sad days. The wife gave the other chicks bentral (I think was the name) which you are not actually suppose to give to chickens at all because people do eat their chickens and this is could potentially kill you if you eat them...Shhhhh....dont tell anyone. It did save the rests lives though.

Now, I have my four Rhode Island Reds that I started with and 9 polish...The assortment had polish in the description and they promised a minimum of at least 5 different breeds. Well they gave us four different breeds then the rest polish. Thanks Meyer! I wrote to them and let them know what had happened because they have a 48 hour life thing. Well they first acted like they didn't believe me that I received sich chicks. HOW COULD THAT BE? I offered them letters from the vet and everything but it didn't seem to make a difference. They are still going to replace the 9 that had been lost out of the same assortment so I have more polish to take care of.

I need to find some way of marking chicks for the time being until the Vet can tell me about the eggs the polish lays after being treated with this anti-biotic, because I certainly do not want to eat them. She says she is 95% sure it will not be an issue at all, but she is checking with other vets in her network to see what they have to say.

Long question short, Any hints and tips on raising polish? I have heard they are very entertaining, but what about terms of feed and such. I generally do a 5 and 7 grain scratch with some other whole organic mixed feed that is mixed locally. Also some oyster shell. Just looking for some good advice.

Thanks All. Below is the list of breeds that come in that assortment.

Receive a mixture of Rare Breeds at a fraction of the cost. You will have at least five (5), in any combination of rare egg layers in the catalog. Assortment is hatchery choice. Of course we always try to include as many breeds as possible! Possible breeds include: Ancona, Easter Egger, Andalusian, Wyandotte, Dark Cornish, Delaware, Dominique, Jersey Giant, Brahma, Partridge Rock, Light Brown Leghorn, Hamburg, Sussex, German Spitzhauben Appenzeller, Buckeye, Sumatra, Cochin, Polish, Marans, Campine, Lakenvelder, Faverolles, Buttercup, Welsummer, Exchequer Leghorn, Sultan, or Penedesenca.

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